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Music Marketing Strategies & Plans

This article will give you music marketing strategies to scale up your music marketing operation and draw in hundreds of new listeners everyday. This course is the continuation of the first tutorial on how to start making music but gets more in depth in terms of how to turn your music into a source of income.

Most musicians get distracted and try to play this business like its some sort of random lottery. Make no mistake, this IS a highly lucrative and profitable business to be involved in, but at the end of the day its still a business and those who learn to treat it as such make the most money while the rest remain amateurs forever.

In this guide I’ll give you the action plan I’ve come up with an follow to grow my music business. Most people won’t be able to go the route I went when starting my own recording studio, but this plan is for someone who has a finished product (album or Ep) ready for sale or distribution.

There are Two routes you can go to bring money in with your music and if you have the dedication and drive to succeed you can make one of these techniques work for the best. You can go the local approach or the viral video approach.

I’ll start our music marketing strategies tutorial with the Viral video approach because it’s the easiest to do if you don’t have much money to invest. The second approach is for those who have a bit more experience, money and most of all the guts to get out there in the public eye.


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Most people don’t know this but you can make a decent amount of money from youtube if you’re able to pull in the views. The way I do my numbers   when I plan a campaign is quite simple and if followed you can start to get some money rolling in every day even while you sleep. my favorite part about this plan is that the income is residual and never stops once you get it coming in. The key is to have a good strategy!

Follow my train of thought
1000 Views on youtube pays about $5 – $10. (my channels average)
1,000,000 views = $5000 by simple math of multiplying by 1000

If you’re able to invest $600 into producing a high quality video and spend another $400 on promotion for your video through social media, you stand to earn a 400% Profit over time. The key to making this strategy work is that you have to make the big investments in either time, creativity or money to get the large number of views you’ll need. Simply sharing a video on your Facebook and twitter pages will not get you the results you need to make this pay off.

There are several techniques you can use to generate real human traffic to your videos without spending money using social media exchange and I lay out an powerful but simple little strategy you can use to boost all your social media activities.

This quick guide here is written to help you formulate a game plan that puts money in your pocket and get your mind thinking about processes and systems you can use to pay the bills while you build up your career. Other articles go into further detail on the exact techniques you need to use to achieve the results desired and I suggest reading this guide here if you’re a little lost on what to do.


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This strategy here takes a little more money to make happen but if followed can make you quite popular in your city without having to climb up the ladder and making deals with other musicians. Some people think paying for features and doing favors for more popular artists is the way to go and while this has its merits I have seen far more significant results from creating my own organic buzz without needing anyone’s cosigning.

The key here is a two step process that. Flood the streets then Collect at shows.

STEP 1: Flood the Streets

If you can do a little digging around and research there are ways you can produce High Quality and colorful CDs of your Ep or album for around $.20 a copy. 1000 CDs at these prices is $200.
press them up and flood your city by leaving them everywhere for people to grab.

Step 2: Book Shows

After building a buzz for a few months in your local area you know you have at least 1000 people who’ve listened to your music and should be at least familiar with you. If you were to throw a show, maybe 100 of those people will show up and bring 100 people with them. These are conservative numbers and very possible.

Let’s say you get 150 people to show us at your event. If you charge $10 per person at the door, you make $1500 in revenue that night. Booking the club might cost $500 and the CDs cost $200. You will probably send another $400 on security, DJ and Help for the event also for flyers and posters. You might make $250 in profit for the night after its all said and done, but you’re on your way and If you keep doing them, more people will come earning you a steady source of revenue performing in your local town. If you make $500 per show and can do 5 shows a month, you’ll be earning $2500 a month in profit.

Remember though, this takes a huge amount of work, organization, networking and most of all personal risk. Choosing to become a musician comes with more struggles and disappointment than most care to admit, but even though this plan seems solid on paper, remember that real life throws you curved balls and if you’re not prepared or able to react in time, you can lost a lot.

On the flip side, most of this stuff is common sense when you think about it and if you’re dedicated, persistent and strategic, you can make a significant income doing what you love to do.

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Thanks for reading and lookout for more tips and music marketing strategies!

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